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  • Michael Rader
    Aug 7, 2008
      I've been listening to to Savoy Bearcats Victors and looking for what
      information there is on Mr. Jari.

      The most complete information is in Walter C. Allen's "Hendersonia",
      which has a paragraph in the biographical section of the book. Jari was
      apparently known as Jejo, pronounced Yay-yo and came either from Cuba
      or Puerto Rico and was in New York as early as 1921. He died in
      January 1929.

      The Savoy Bearcat sides have a clarinet sounding very much like the
      New Orleans Johnny Dodds school of playing - he is featured at some
      length on a couple of titles, notably "Senegalese Stomp" and "How
      Could I be Blue" in passages considerably looser that the surrounding
      arrangement - the piano is active and loose and I think brass bass and
      banjo drop out. This is usually identified as Jari, although there are
      two other reed players present.

      The work is quite consistent with some of the clarinet work on the
      Clarence Williams Washboard Band recordings of the 1926/27 period with
      the caution that he was on tour with the Leon Abbey Bearcats in South
      America at some time during 1927.

      Since the alternative for the "Red Hot Flo" clarinetist seems to be
      Bennie Moten, where are authenticated samples of Moten's playing? His
      identification on most Williams sides seems to be of conjectural nature.

      Michael Rader
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