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6086RE: [RedHotJazz] Zulu's Balls was Dodds with Oliver

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  • David Brown
    Jul 19 10:29 AM

      'Zulu's' we have done here, I think without conclusion.

      'Alligator' and 'Zulu's' are mostly anomalous for Dodds. 'Working Man's' And
      'Krooked' mostly typical.

      It has ALWAYS been contentious and the Archeophone personnel is pragmatic
      but the fact that the session took place in Richmond makes a split session
      totally improbable. Also ALL circumstantial and most contemporary musicians'
      evidence points to Dodds.

      Just listened again fresh after a gap of a year maybe and am now much more
      inclined to hear Dodds throughout albeit more than usually betraying the
      true Creole roots of his style.

      The Tate has never been considered a Dodds item and the Rainey is sure not

      Wingfield is interesting -- if it is. I can find nothing. What we know ?


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