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6085Re: [RedHotJazz] Johnny Dodds' birthplace

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  • Bob Eagle
    Jul 19, 2008
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      Howard, I can't tell precisely where MS comes from, except to say that half the online references are to Waverly, MS, rather than Waverly, LA.
      Since my earlier post, I've found a reference (JSTOR, an article by Gene Anderson) in which there is a mention of Johnny and Warren spending time on the family farm at Waverly, MS, which is said to be only 45 miles from NOLA.
      As far as I can tell there is no Waverly in that area (in either state) but "Waverly"  could be an error for Waveland (Hancock County, MS),

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      Bob, where does Mississippi come from?

      Chilton¹s Who¹s Who Of Jazz does give Waverley BUT he actually says
      ³Waverley, Louisiana² (which is on U.S. 80 west of the state-line near

      This has been copied by Reclams Jazz Führer, but nothing else I can find.
      Panassié Dictionnaire du Jazz, Feather¹s Encyclopedia, Charters¹ Jazz New
      Orleans, Knauer¹s Jazz Lexicon, Family Album, Grove, Clergeat/Carles/ Comolli
      all show New Orleans. At that point I got tired of looking.

      As it¹s from Chilton we can¹t completely dismiss it but unfortunately he
      doesn¹t say where it comes from. However, it is compatible with the census
      data showing birth in Louisiana.

      on 19/07/2008 06:16, Bob Eagle at prof_hi_jinx@ yahoo.com. au wrote:

      > Johnny Dodds is reported to have been born at Waverly, Clay County,
      > Mississippi, northwest of Columbus.
      > My conclusion is that Johnny was born in New Orleans, and that the family came
      > from Marengo County, Alabama.  So, again, where does Waverly come from?
      > Bob

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