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6055Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Dodds with Oliver

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  • Mordechai Litzman
    Jul 17, 2008
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      Just found an older post labeled "politically incorrect" about a great story about Johnny Dodds as told by his son.
      Anyhow, there it states that his son was a retired major in the US Air Force. Perhaps this piece if information will help to identify and possibly find him.

      information is taken from the notes on an LP Milestone MLP 2011 "Johnny
      Dodds-Chicago Mess Around." The story was told in 1969 by Johnny's son,
      Major John Dodds II ( U.S. Air Force, retired), to John Steiner.

      "After we were grown, he told us about the time Al Capone asked for a tune that Father had to admit he didn't know. Capone tore a
      $100 bill in two and poked half into Father's handkerchief pocket with
      "Nigger, you better learn it for next time!" When Capone came in a
      week later, Father earned the other half.
      Father was sensitive, but also sensible."

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      > These weren�t proposed as Olivers even in the days when people with
      > to sell labelled any unknown trumpeter King Oliver.

      My reason for asking was exactly why Oliver was being proposed at this
      late date.

      > The only publication of the John Dodds II recollections in
      bibliographies is
      > the notes to �Chicago Mess Around�, Milestone MLP2011 (1969). I imagine
      > these are what this web-site has copied.
      Well, not quite. I think there's something more in the booklet on
      Johnny Dodds by Klaus-Uwe Duerr. I never had the Milestone, so I'm not
      sure what was in the notes, but the bit on the Finnish site has a
      short biographical not on Dodds II and refers to the two interviews.

      Michael Rader

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