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6048Re: [RedHotJazz] Dodds with Oliver

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  • Howard Rye
    Jul 17, 2008
      Oh come on!

      These weren¹t proposed as Olivers even in the days when people with records
      to sell labelled any unknown trumpeter King Oliver. There¹s a long list of
      them in the original Walter Allen-Brian Rust King Oliver book.

      And the date is really 16 September, the day before. Traditionally the
      trumpet is attributed to Natty Dominique but Rust 4 onwards say ³unknown
      (not Natty Dominique)². No idea why.

      The only publication of the John Dodds II recollections in bibliographies is
      the notes to ŒChicago Mess Around¹, Milestone MLP2011 (1969). I imagine
      these are what this web-site has copied.

      on 17/07/2008 13:23, Michael Rader at Rader.Michael@... wrote:

      > There is a Finnish website devoted to Johnny Dodds, which, among other
      > things, has a Dodds discography:
      > http://personal.eunet.fi/pp/renko/jdoddsx.htm
      > The personnel for the Bertrand's Washboard Wizards session of 17
      > September 1926 (I think - the date is in unfamiliar notation for me)
      > lists Oliver (presumably Joe)instead of Miller (presumably Punch)in an
      > older version.
      > Apart from the proximity to the Oliver "Someday Sweetheart" sessions,
      > does anyone know the reason for the change? Opinions on the
      > identification are also welcome.
      > What prompted me to visit the website was an off-group discussion on
      > the Clarence Williams "Red Hot Flo" (from Kokomo) with its Doddsian
      > clarinet solo. The website also has a piece on the reminiscences of
      > Johnny's son, John Dodds II, in which he remembers seeing Clarence
      > Williams playing piano. These are taken from a tape account by John
      > Steiner and an interview with Alessandro Protti. Does anyone know (1)
      > if John Dodds II (born 1921) is still alive and (2) what else was said
      > in the interviews?

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