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6044Dodds with Oliver

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  • Michael Rader
    Jul 17, 2008
      There is a Finnish website devoted to Johnny Dodds, which, among other
      things, has a Dodds discography:
      The personnel for the Bertrand's Washboard Wizards session of 17
      September 1926 (I think - the date is in unfamiliar notation for me)
      lists Oliver (presumably Joe)instead of Miller (presumably Punch)in an
      older version.

      Apart from the proximity to the Oliver "Someday Sweetheart" sessions,
      does anyone know the reason for the change? Opinions on the
      identification are also welcome.

      What prompted me to visit the website was an off-group discussion on
      the Clarence Williams "Red Hot Flo" (from Kokomo) with its Doddsian
      clarinet solo. The website also has a piece on the reminiscences of
      Johnny's son, John Dodds II, in which he remembers seeing Clarence
      Williams playing piano. These are taken from a tape account by John
      Steiner and an interview with Alessandro Protti. Does anyone know (1)
      if John Dodds II (born 1921) is still alive and (2) what else was said
      in the interviews?
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