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60Le Jazz En France by Olivier Brard & Daniel Nevers

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  • contijoch
    Sep 29, 2004
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      Dear Scott:

      This is a work in progress, I think. I was lucky enough to find the first
      three parts when I bought the papers of a deceased argentine collector. Each
      part has an alphabetical order from A-Z. So, if you want to find for
      example: "Orchestre Jazz Du Moulin Rouge", you must look in the "O" letter
      of the three parts.

      The work I have is typed with a typewriter (not PC) and printed in 237 A-4
      pages. I don't know if there are more parts available.

      The copyright is 1989-1991. For those interested there is an address: M.A.D
      (Musique Archives Documents) B.P. NÂș 9, F-65700 CASTELNAU-RB, France.
      For those who speak french, can phone to: 62 31 90 61 or fax 62 31 90 60. Be
      ware that this information is from 1991.

      It's a great work, with plenty of information about the jazz recorded in
      France, not only by the french musicians but for others that recorded there
      (Rex Stewart, Lud Gluskin, Bill Coleman, and so on)

      Full personnel when is known, matrix number, title, vocal, date and issue
      (78 and LP/CD)

      Luis Contijoch

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