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  • Dan Van Landingham
    Jun 9, 2008
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      Use NNDB as your search engine and when you see NNDB on the web page,double click
      on that and it will take you to there.Once there,type in the following:Danny Kaye.When
      you type in his name,you will take you to their bio sketch on him.Scroll down until you
      see the filmography on him.Then scroll down until you see the movies he made.The movies
      I reviewed are "The Five Pennies" and "A Song is Born".Benny Goodman was in that one
      and he was also in a 1944 movie called "Sweet and Lowdown" not to be confused with the
      Sean Penn film of the same name.Type in either Benny Goodman or Lynn Bari for my re-
      view.I also reviewed the movie "King of Jazz":for that,type in Bing Crosby.I let a couple of
      mistakes in spelling.What got me into this was when my friend Al Hendrickson died last
      year.He was working for Benny Goodman at the time "A Song is Born" came out and you
      can see him playing guitar.I gave some of those movies a somewhat harsh review as they
      really distorted the facts and in the case of "The Five Pennies",Danny Kaye resorted to a
      lot of sentimental slop.I have fun doing it.I've got a few more I submitted but that haven't
      been published as of late.Most recently,I reviewed the movie "Amadeus" starromg Tom
      Hulce.Type in his name and repeat the procedure to get my review.
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      Subject: [RedHotJazz] Re: New member -
      To: RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, June 8, 2008, 3:34 AM

      Hi Dan,

      Selling your 78's without permission, that's really bad news. As you
      say, heartbreaking and infuriating. I'm glad to hear you are recovering
      after your op. Forgive my lack of knowledge, but what is the NNDB
      website? I would like to read some of your reviws if they are on the
      net. I also like the clarinet playing of Jimmy Noone and Barney Bigard,
      I play the clarinet myself for pleasure, but obviously, I would not
      place myself in their company. The cat thought not, and left home!

      You mention that Goodman played cornet and trumpet? Are we talking
      Benny Goodman? I had no idea that he played these instruments.

      Take care


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