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  • Ron L
    May 1, 2008

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      Ron L

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      Subject: [RedHotJazz] val salata

      i joined this group some time ago- and things happened never came to
      visit again

      val salata or vladamir salata was my uncle. he died in france just
      after ww11 the circumstances were never really explained. he either
      jumped from a two story window- or was pushed- we will never know

      but on to his music

      he played with all the usual of his time, teagarden, i know for sure

      mamaybe the dorsey brothers and for a time had his own band.
      i know he played in las vegas too, the frontier?

      i found a picture of him some time ago on the web- so their must be
      music somewhere

      he was a trained classical pianst, but prefered boogie woogie over
      anything and he played the trumpet

      has any one heard of him?

      to find his music would be so great-

      regards to all



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