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  • Robert Greenwood
    Apr 30 8:18 AM
      I quite agree with everything you say about Charters, Tony. His book
      Jazz: New Orleans was a pioneering work and has always been one of my
      favourite books. It was essential reading for me when I was still
      learning about this music; not that I am not still learning. It just
      seems a shame to me that the new book contains no references apart
      from the bibliography for the reader to follow up for him/herself.
      The book I would really like to see Charters write is one where he
      gives his own account of New Orleans in the 1950s. I had hoped that
      his book New Orleans: Playing a Jazz Chorus (fine as it is) would be
      that book. GHB in their American Music series have brought out a few
      of the sessions he recorded, including ones by the Eureka Brass Band,
      Israel Gorman, Kid Thomas, and Isaiah Morgan. His sleevenotes make
      fascinating reading and I guess we will have to make do with them for
      the time being.

      Robert G.

      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Standish" <mojohand@...>
      > The Charters Trumpet is still not around the corner down here,
      hopefully it
      > will summon us to muster shortly.
      > I suspect that the nature of the criticisms levelled levelled at
      > previous endeavours may again surface, but I beseech all to stand
      back and
      > contemplate, and acknowledge, the man's enormous contributions to
      > music - to the music of New Orleans, to our appreciation of the
      > blues, and even to ragtime. The book, the recordings, the LP
      compilations -
      > they charted the musical development and appreciation of thousands
      of eager
      > learners.
      > This still eager learner looks forward to seeing what's around the
      > corner.
      > Tony Standish
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      > From: "Robert Greenwood" <robertgreenwood_54uk@...>
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      > Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 7:44 PM
      > Subject: [RedHotJazz] A Trumpet Around the Corner
      > I am presently reading and, for the most part, enjoying Sam
      > new book, A Trumpet Around the Corner: the Story of New Orleans
      > but I wonder why University of Mississippi has allowed him to get
      > without fully citing his sources? The book contains a bibliography
      > an appendix giving page references where Charters has quoted
      > from another author, but statements of fact and anecdotes are left
      > without any source for the reader to check or to follow up. Strange.
      > Has anyone else out there read this book?
      > Robert Greenwood.
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