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5366Re: [RedHotJazz] Arnett Nelson

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  • Howard Rye
    Apr 7, 2008
      I obviously have no idea what Lord has copied from where, but at a rough
      count (I might have failed to note some adjacent sessions separately) Arnett
      appears on 27 sessions in Blues & Gospel Records, of which 21 are definite,
      4 are probables and 2 only possibles.

      We did go to some trouble to weed out Ernest Virgo's proposals once we had
      realized what was going on. However, I doubt that any attributions of Arnett
      (other than his own session) ultimately rest on anything but someone's ears!
      However the some one is in some cases Lee Collins, which provides a somewhat
      firmer basis.

      on 7/4/08 10:18, David Brown at johnhaleysims@... wrote:

      Lord has 32 Arnett sessions 1923-37. Only about half seem to be in Rust, the
      rest presumably qualifying for G&D (&R) which I do not have. Rust's entries
      carry many a question mark and do not include him on the Mutts. My guess is
      that most of the blues sessions are aural attributions and less than totally


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