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5235Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: The round about way

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  • Larry Rowe
    Feb 29, 2008
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      Hi Larry,

      My Dad was and continues to be quite a music fan, he turns 80 this June!

      When I was a kid he was into popular music more than anything so my only exposure to Jazz though him was Acker Bilk. He did like Miriam Makeba though so I did get a bit of world music appreciation from that.

      I took piano lessons as well and when my piano teacher's home was flooded and her brand new, and uninsured, baby grand was seen floating around in her basement she moved soon after and I moved onto guitar. Played in rock group for many years; late sixties, early seventies.

      It was in 1974 that I roomed with my friend Eugene who was into Sonny Rollins, Miles, etc.. I can still remember the first few times I really began to get into Miles. I've been looking back ever since lol. I've even collected a nice selection of 78s with some great music from Fats Waller and the like.


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