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  • Michael Rader
    Jan 7, 2008
      Thanks to a fellow list-member who sent me an MP3 of the Jazz Perspectives off-list, I found that out already. However, the fault is not as pronounced on the Jazz Perspectives as it is on the Herwin, suggesting that Jazz Perspectives had some additional work done on the Herwin transfer. Does anyone have or have access to a 78? The original used for Herwin was owned by the late Bernie Klatzko, so I would assume that it is now in some other collection.

      While the cornet playing by Theo Boone on the Cliffords is somewhat inconistent, these are indeed great sides - a rather strange combination of jazz horn with a jug band - although there are other examples, these are usually with a saxophone.

      Michael Rader
      > Yes, the Jazz Perspectives CD has the same abrupt change as the LP you
      > mentioned (Herwin 113)... It sounds like someone could be adjusting
      > the turntable speed during the first parts of the record, or perhaps a
      > tape problem as you said. Those 1925 sides by Clifford's Louisville
      > Jug Band are staggeringly great.
      > --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Michael Rader <Rader.Michael@...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > "Dancing Blues" by Clifford's Louisville Jug Band was reissued on a
      > Herwin LP with an abrupt change in tempo and sound early in the
      > record, probably due to a tape slip during mastering. The track has
      > been reissued on Jazz Perspectives JPCD-1501-2 Clifford Hayes and
      > Louisville Jug Bands Vol.1. Does anyone know if the mistake persists
      > on the Jazz Perspectives CD? I strongly suspect that the latter label
      > used LPs rather than originals for its CDs, so the Herwin is a likely
      > candidate as the source.

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