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  • Andrea
    Jan 1, 2008
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      Hello! I just found this group and saw that introduction posts are
      encouraged, so I thought I'd take care of that since I was just added
      as a member here.
      My name is Andrea, I'm 39, I live in Los Angeles and I collect 78's.
      I started when I was 12 and my passion has only grown. I like many
      different styles of music, but mainly 20's and 30's jazz and novelty
      records are my first love. My collection is fairly small compared to
      my friends who collect, only a few thousand 78s, but selectively
      collecting records is one of my dearest pleasures; finding, playing,
      and learning about records and performers, as well as cherishing the
      items as a real part of history.
      I post small groups of records from my collection every Tuesday in my
      blog, just for fun, and while I'm no scholar by any means, it's quite
      rewarding to share my stuff with others who are unfamiliar with it,
      and I love turning people on to new (old) music.
      I look forward to learning lots in this group and hopefully sharing
      the odd record or image with you, once I read up on what is acceptable
      to post.
      I hope it's allowed to give a link to my blog here, if that is a faux
      pas, please forgive me. I'm not a dealer or store- just a goofy
      record enthusiast who enjoys sharing her stuff.
      Every Tuesday you can go to my blog and check out the weekly posts,
      should you be so inclined. Mostly oddball things, few amazingly cool
      or rare items, but I try. http://twindowlicker.livejournal.com/
      Thank you and now I guess I'll conclude by saying Happy New Year to
      Andrea Walsh
      aka petquality, twindowlicker (on livejournal), and laughing_gravy (on