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  • Dan Van Landingham
    Dec 5, 2007
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      Not to change the subject but can anyone out there tell me about a recording date that
      featured trombonist Walter "Pee Wee" Hunt,clarinetist Matty Matlock and bassist Morty
      Corb?The album was a bunch of dixieland standards that came out on one of those eco-
      nomy labels here in the U.S.(in this case,"Golden Tone" Records)around 45 to 50 years
      ago.These were the kind of albums I saw in places like Sprouse-Reitz and department
      stores with such names as "The 88 Cent Store"The cumutive personnel included my
      late friend Al Hendrickson and other session musicians I knew who used to do this ki-
      nd of thing.I don't know if Brian Rust ever listed these kind of dates in his discographical
      book or not.Speaking of discographies,is there a site on the web where I might go to find
      such information.

      Walter Five <walterfive_666@...> wrote:
      Now you see? This is why I joined this group! I wasn't even aware that JSP had put out a series of Waller Box Sets!!! High time *somebody* did! I bought the complete series of "Fats Waller & His Rhythm" releases a decade ago, six volumes, and like 14 or 16 discs all told, great stuff, but could never find anything else that was at all comprehensive!

      When is someone going to do this for Jolie??? I just got the complete discography book, and I'm simply droolin'!


      P.S. Volume 1 already on its way! :-)

      spacelights <spacelights@...> wrote:
      I've been enjoying Volume 1 (1922-1928) which seems well and truly
      "complete", with all the alternative takes. I've not heard Volume 2
      (1929-1934), but I notice the tracklist includes only two takes of the
      1929 pipe organ solo "Baby Oh! Where Can You Be?" (also recorded as a
      piano solo). I think three takes of the organ solo circulate; does
      someone know why only two were included?

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