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500Re: [RedHotJazz] Some invective

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  • Jon Noring
    Jun 16, 2005
      Mike Amato,

      > Let me start out by saying that I love Coon-Sanders, and regard
      > them as one of the consistently hot bands of the jazz age.
      > But remember that Dick Sudhalter has been an esteemed jazz
      > historian for many decades. I think the disparity here, in my
      > opinion, lies in what each of you consideres to be jazz.
      > I think Dick comes from the more traditional apporach to what
      > jazz is, and was commenting on Coon-Sanders' lack of high quality
      > jazz soloists; that they didn't have any Buster Baileys, Joe
      > Venutis, et al.
      > But in my book, they got along very well without them, considering.

      Jazz is a *very* big tent, and just about everyone will find some
      style of jazz they like. I once ran into a real snob of classical
      music, who disdained all jazz, but for some reason loved all Duke
      Ellington, even his "Jungle Band" era recordings (which are my favs of
      Duke Ellington, such as "Jungle Nights in Harlem" on Victor -- love
      its "ethereal" sound.) So, go figure.

      My favored style of earlier jazz lies a little outside of the primary
      focus of the Red Hot Jazz archives (I love the early 30's, 1932-34,
      just before the Swing era, especially the more sophisticated jazz such
      as performed by Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, Dorsey Brothers,
      Venuti-Lang, Adrian Rollini, etc. -- the Venuti-Lang All Stars session
      of late 1931 ranks, in my opinion, as the finest jazz recordings ever
      made.) But sometimes I have a fondness for the simpler and earlier
      stuff. I once owned a *mint* copy of "It's Tight Like That" by Jimmy
      Noone on Vocalion 1xxx (can't recall the exact number), and I loved
      that recording (it was also an unusual take, so I've been told -- got
      a couple hundred dollars for that record when I sold it on auction
      back in the late 1970's. I now wish I had kept that record. :^( )

      Jon Noring
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