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498Some invective

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  • emuslan
    Jun 16, 2005

      I recently joined the list and I've enjoyed reading the posts. This
      is my first posting...

      Is anyone familiar with Richard Sudhalter's awkwardly entitled "Lost
      Chords: White Jazz Musicians and Their Contributions to Jazz"? I just
      looked up Coon-Sanders in the index, to see what this expert on jazz
      persons of pallor has to say. And this is what he says:

      "The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks, a Kansas City dance band whose `jazz'
      novelties had become, at best, a bloodless parody of hot music, had
      moved in at the Blackhawk and were broadcasting nightly over WGN.
      What passed for `hot' was usually novelty material like "Here Comes
      My Ball and Chain" and "Kansas City Kitty"………Once in a while a
      trumpeter or saxophonist might pop out of the ensemble to 'get off'
      for eight bars; but even then the public seemed to recognize no
      distinction between the solo efforts of dedicated hot players and
      those of journeyman dance band men."

      Ouch! I think Sudhalter is way out of line here - anybody with me?

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