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  • Jim Baldwin
    Nov 1, 2007
      Jazz & Ragtime Records is a wholly new title, not a 6th edition. There
      is no such thing. At the most it can be described as a 6th incarnation
      of Rust's Jazz Records. It does continue the work of Brian Rust to whom
      we all should be most grateful, but I haven't read of him saying how much
      input he provided to the work under discussion. Maybe he doesnt want to.
      One Malcolm Shaw is the editor and bears the responsibility for this inept

      I bought my set on the recommendation of a jazz researcher. I found out
      later he is a buddy of the editor. Had I known the problems with the work
      I would have spent my money elsewhere.

      The J&RR was a terrible disappointment. Thousands of corrections were
      ignored after a buildup of over two decades. Those corrections are now being
      issued in a British auction catalog one must subscribe to. If you don't have
      those you cannot use the J&RR with any confidence.

      Another annoyance was that the former page layout Rust used which enabled
      the researcher to quickly look up various artists was abandoned. The former
      layout had the artist name at the top of each page. Now at the top of the page
      is Brian Rust's name on the left page and the book title on the right. I guess it's
      handy if you should forget what you are looking at. Luckily, the page numbers
      were provided.

      The publisher also left out the tune index! After outcries it was published as a
      separate paperback for another $20. (I can see decades from now later collectors
      will be in considerable anguish being unable to to find tunes in the main work
      after the separate index is lost or worn out and discarded.)

      Anyways, that's why I said hold onto the 1978 4th edition. It is still useful.

      Caveat emptor applies here.

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      From: Howard Rye
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      Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2007 7:10 AM
      Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] Rust's books

      The current edition of Jazz and Ragtime Records 1897-1942 is the 6th,
      published by Mainspring Press, Denver, Colorado, in 2002. You can easily
      google them. It is edited by Malcolm Shaw and I guess Brian Rust had quite a
      small input into the changes.

      I don't think it would be meaningful to say it's updated. There are changes
      but the majority of issued broadcasts, radio transcriptions, and so on are
      still omitted, so are most new takes and previously unissued items that have
      appeared on LP or CD since 1970. A lot of different speculations about
      personnels we will never know for sure have been substituted over the years.
      I still use the 1969 third edition for most purposes, but we've had a recent
      example on this list (Blue Steele) of how that can mislead.

      You pays your money and etc.!

      on 31/10/07 21:54, Dan Van Landingham at danvanlandingham@... wrote:

      Did Rust ever update his discography book?

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