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4788Re: [RedHotJazz] Jewish influence (Was Re: Earliest jazz in Europe)

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  • Howard Rye
    Sep 30, 2007
      on 30/9/07 10:47, Patrice Champarou at patrice.champarou@... wrote:

      >The previous link was already suspicious, although some folks with a serious
      >sense of humour may think it was funny, but the page you mentioned is just a
      >collection of racist commonplaces. You can make whatever you wish fit into
      >that, everything being contained in everything and vice-versa.

      >My humble opinion.

      No need for humility, Patrice.

      When my parents were fighting Nazism they thought they were consigning this
      kind of garbage to the dustbin of history. We really don't need it here!
      It's not even funny.

      Mind you we can derive a certain hilarity from the notion of dear old
      'Frisco' as a king of jazz. That is perhaps to be treasured.

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