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  • Olivier Douville
    Sep 28, 2007
      Also Stravinsky wrote for M. Woody Herman his Ebony Concerto (1945) not that
      much a ragtime piece. Darius Milhaud was in Harlem, at the end of the
      twenties, where he bought a lot of Black Swan Records. And in a place
      called the "Boeuf sur le toit" in, Paris many jazz musicians played, close
      to ragtimme but sometimes really hot like Crickett Smith who reorded behind
      the voice of the french poet Jean Cocteau in 1929 (Pathé recrodings). French
      surréalists poets Leiris and Desnos was found of Ethel Waters and Lee Morse
      but didn't semes to know bessie Smith or MA or IDa. . Paris "des années 20"
      was a place where people could heard Billy Arnold, Louis Mitchell, and some
      more groups. It has been said that young Django spend most of his night
      listening to the band of Billy Arnold.

      Satie and Debussy take part of their inspiration in "Ministrel Songs", too.
      Sorry for my english I hope I make myself undestood. Good day.

      Satie (and Stravinsky) seemed to have been influenced
      more by ragtime than what we would call jazz, but
      Europeans were introduced to something like our jazz
      in the First World War, when, among other, the James
      Europe military band went over and played a wide
      variety of musics, including orchestrated ragtime.

      I also remember seeing a recording by a Swedish jazz
      band doing a straight-up imitation of the Original
      Dixieland Jazz Band....in 1919!

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