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4772Re: [RedHotJazz] Irene Castle (was Earliest jazz in Europe)

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  • Howard Rye
    Sep 28, 2007
      7 April 1893 is the birth date on the Social Security Death Index record of
      Irene Enzinger, the name in which she copyrighted her autobiography.

      The passenger list of the Minnewaska gives her age as 19 and I copied it
      uncritically. If she was in fact born on 7 April 1893 as all sources seem to
      agree she was indeed only just 18.

      However further research suggests there were two European trips and the
      passenger list I have found relates to the first one (which was only to
      England), so I have been falsely impugning her memory.

      Irene Vernon Castle [sic] returned again to the U.S. on the S.S. Adriatic
      from Liverpool on 11 July 1912. She gave her age as 20 (consistent with the
      1911 list but not with the received birth date) and a Paris address which
      unfortunately I can't read (44 rue St. something). Vernon Castle returned
      later, sailing from Liverpool on 15th August, after visiting Norwich in

      This gets us no closer to any relevant accompanists they might have had but
      at least it fixes when to look.

      on 28/9/07 12:58, yarel41 at yarel41@... wrote:

      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com <mailto:RedHotJazz%40yahoogroups.com> ,
      Howard Rye <howard@...> wrote:
      > As regards the accuracy of Irene Castle's memories (though dates are
      > different of course) she believed that they returned to the U.S. in
      > 1912, partly no doubt because she also believed they had sailed
      > after the sinking of the Titanic.
      > In fact, Vernon and Eva Irene Castle appear on the passenger list
      of the
      > S.S. Minnewaska sailing from London to New York City on 15 July
      1911. This
      > makes their stay in Paris much shorter than it had become in
      Irene's memory.
      > She was 19, away from home, and having a ball with someone she
      loved. Been
      > there, done that!
      > Howard Rye, 20 Coppermill Lane, London, England, E17 7HB
      > howard@...
      > Tel/FAX: +44 20 8521 1098

      Thank you Howard for the informations.

      According to this, there is, as you say, not much correctly
      remembered. If there was any time at all for dancing with success
      in Paris, there might be at least some notes in the newspapers.
      She says they had to go home because of her fathers death in may.

      There is a book "My husband" from 1918, I havenĀ“t seen.
      But perhaps she does not mention the Paris time there.

      Besides she was only 18 at that time, born april -93.

      yarel 41

      Howard Rye, 20 Coppermill Lane, London, England, E17 7HB
      Tel/FAX: +44 20 8521 1098

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