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477new Frog CDs

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  • Fredamhran@aol.com
    Jun 3, 2005
      Mention of new Frog CDs reminds me that this site was recently the scene of
      some animated correspondence about JSP's underhanded ripping off various small
      reissue companies. Frog was one of the companies mentioned.

      Purely by chance, I came across a JSP LP of the blues singers, Johnny Shines
      and Blind Will Dukes the other day. The sleeve note contains this rather
      memorable quote.

      "And to finish. As I have mentioned Robert Johnson so much and his influence
      is felt so
      strongly on the music contained on this album, who are the bastards who are
      holding on to the several photographs of Robert Johnson that are known to
      exist but which have never been published. These people are presumably trying to
      get some financial reward from their eventual publication. Forget the
      Dollars guys, publish them now!" John Stedman

      What splendid advice. What a grand source for it come from.

      Fred McCormick.

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