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4465Re: Take It From The Verse...

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  • Walter Five
    Jul 11, 2007
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      A couple of good versions of Dinah were recorded by Fats Waller and his Rhythm, one studio version (for sure) and a couple of radio performances exist, IIRC. "If you know her, then show her!" Fats wrote that song, I'm pretty sure.

      And I may be confused but didn't Cab Calloway do a wailing vocal version of "Some Of These Days?" I recall a clip of it being used in the film "Forbidden Zone" (Danny Elfman used several 30's and 40's record clips in that film, it was his first movie soundtrack!); and I know for a fact that a good vocal of it was done by the "last of the red-hot mamas", Sophie Tucker. Can't forget Sophie! ;-)

      Dan Van Landingham <danvanlandingham@...> wrote:
      Dave Stuckey <dwstuck@...> wrote:

      Hi folks --
      I'd love to find more recorded versions that include these.

      For instance, how about a good version of 'Dinah'with the verse (I
      think the Boswell Sisters have one, but is it the real verse) ? 'China
      Boy'? 'Nobody's Sweetheart'? 'Some of These Days'?

      I know if anybody knows, the mavens of this list will!

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