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4360Re: [RedHotJazz] AMERICAN LEGACY

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  • Dan Van Landingham
    Jun 7, 2007
      Go to your local book store and check into a Da Capo reprint of Rudi Blesh's 1958 udated version of his 1946 book "Shining Trumpets".I've read both versions;I had the hardbound edition of "Shining Trumpets" as well as the paperback version.It had a lot of pictures of the New Orleans musicians as well as the venues such as Funky Butt as well as Mahogany Hall.I have had strong reservations regarding Blesh's opinions of what jazz is as opposed to what wasn't.Reservations aside,It is a valuable reference regarding the early days of jazz.I had the paperbook version but gave it to a friend of mine some twenty years ago.Also,check into the book Blesh also wrote "They All Played Ragtime".You can check ebay,amazon.com or your local book store."They All Played Ragtime" is the one I haven't read.Regarding Buddy Bolden,there was a fairly new book regarding him.Do a Google search on his life with Buddy Bolden as the search engine.Another book you might check out is Bugles for
      Beiderbecke which was published back in 1958.The author was a British attorney named Charles Wearing.I could be wrong on that as I had a copy and gave it to a dear friend of mine around
      tweny five to thirty years ago.There is a website that dealt with the history of the Starr Piano Company and its Gennett label which recorded Bix,Lawrence Welk,King Oliver,Jelly Roll Morton and countless others.

      fraser540021 <fraser.mccombe@...> wrote:
      i note from Preservation Hall Portraits(text by Borenstein & Russell)
      that Willie Humphrey went to Chicago in the fall of 1919 and played
      with Oliver at the world series,George Filhe at the DeLuxe cafe and
      with Freddy Keppard.

      As a newcomer to red hot Jazz how does one get to see the Photos? I
      note that Robert smith attached one of Oliver's Band but I couldn't see

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