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4339RE: [RedHotJazz] Fats Waller Discography/Addington Major

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  • David Brown
    Jun 4, 2007
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      (?) Metcalf on the Sims is straight from Rust. Addington is therefore a
      novel fabrication of the Waller JSP. Clarence --- if we believe Rust ---
      normally found better players and only ever used Metcalf on two sides, the
      Okehs of 23 September 1927 'Baby Won't You Please Come Home' & 'Close Fit
      Blues', the former of which does indeed offer stiff, clipped E.coast style
      which may well be Metcalf and which is far removed from the fluent, fleet,
      skipping player on the Sims.

      If this is Addington Major --- and I find no reason on earth to believe it
      is --- he can then be instated elsewhere on the Big Charlie. ' Oh Play It
      Big Addington'.


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