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4328Re: Fats Waller Discography/Addington Major

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  • spacelights
    Jun 1, 2007
      Taylor's book lists Metcalf (preceded by a question mark) for the Joe
      Sims session...

      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Michael Rader <Rader.Michael@...>
      > Partly in answer to my own question on the reason for nominating
      Addington Major as a possible for the trumpet player on the Joe Sims
      session, it seems as though JSP is using the Waller discography by
      Stephen Taylor to guide them through the project - at least this is
      what it says on the Fats Waller yahoo discussion group created by
      Linda Fitak (no, I'm not a member, but the archives are publicly
      accessible). Taylor apparently initially sold his discography as a
      computer file via a now defunct web site (fatswaller.com) still
      retrievable via the "wayback machine", but not alas the sample pages.
      If I'm not misreading things, the discography has now been
      incorporated in a book by Taylor on Fats' radio transcriptions and
      airshots, published by Scarecrow press.
      > Since I'm not a Waller specialist, I don't have this book - the
      Laurie Wright book was as far as I got, and this lists Metcalfe in the
      dreaded italics. Can anyone who has the book check to see if major is
      listed as a possibility and see if there are any reasons given for
      suggesting him.
      > Michael Rader
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