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424Re: [RedHotJazz] How to play in true mono?

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  • Howard Rye
    May 23, 2005
      on 23/5/05 8:19, Michael Rader at Rader.Michael@... wrote:

      > Just a couple of points about Howard's answer:
      > - The mono button to be found on some amplifiers, like a 25 year old+
      > amplifier I have in my basement, simply combines both channels, so the noise
      > is still there, but may be less obtrusive.

      Yes, indeed. I strongly suspected that you knew a lot more about the
      technicalities of this than I did! Yes, the noise is still there, you just
      notice it a lot less, at least you do if you are used to playing old
      records. It probably still sounds like listening to music in a hail storm to
      most "normal" people.

      Your next point sounds like an even better commercial for never ever having
      an amplifier without a mono button.

      >Some CDs are characterised by a
      > glorious stereo spread of surface noise because whoever transferred the
      > original discs played them in stereo.
      > - Older amplifiers, like a very cheap Japanese job I had in the 1970s, had
      > additionally the option of playing each channel separately, which can make the
      > world of difference on a mono recording, since you can switch off the surface
      > noise from the noisier channel.
      > - Colin Bray told me about a fairly simple device called the audio signal
      > director, available from KAB electronics in the USA (www.kabusa.com), which
      > costs about $100. With this you can select channels, combine both channels or
      > switch channels, i.e. hear what is on the left channel to you right and vice
      > versa. I use this for playing mono records and I guess you could also use it
      > for CDs. The only problem is that you would probably have to hook it up anew
      > each time you switch between analogue records and CDs: I think there's only
      > one input and there would be a problem with ouput due to the use of
      > preamplification for record players. You could always buy two or make your
      > own. The circuitry is probably quite simple, but beyond my own technical
      > capabilities.
      > There is additionally the option of only recording one channel onto a copy of
      > the CD (see my other mail).

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