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4038Re: [RedHotJazz] First post, and Kansas City Stomp

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  • Max Keenlyside
    Apr 6 6:19 AM
      Hi Robert!
      Thanks for the welcome.
      Feel free to play my MP3 on the radio programme, but know that it is not actually a real band. As I said, I have not yet formed the band to play that score (hopefully, I'll have a band assembled by the end of the month). I simply scored a MIDI file from my sheet music arrangement, and then made it a bit more realistic by using special sounfonts (MIDI samples taken from actual instruments). Raw MIDI files sound quite crude, so I chose to use soundfonts to give the group a better idea of what the arrangement might sound like.
      I should also add that the piano part is firmly based in Jelly's LOC recording of the piece.
      Best Regards,
      Max Keenlyside

      Robert Smith <robert.smith@...> wrote:
      Dear Max

      Welcome to the group.

      What a coincidence! Next week, Friday April 13 I'm playing a solo piano arrangement of "Kansas City Stomp" by the Norwegian pianist Morten Gunnar Larsen on my weekly jazz programme on the local FM radio, and also on the Internet. It can be heard at about 18:30 GMT (the programme starts 18:00 GMT) at:

      I've listened to your mp3, and I'm impressed. I'd like to play it on the above mentioned radio programme if you will permit this. If so, could you please let me know:
      the name of the band
      the personnel by name and instrument
      when and where recorded.

      Kind Regards

      Bob Smith

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