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4031Re: [RedHotJazz] Booker T Wingfield - WAS Guy Kelly

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  • Howard Rye
    Apr 5, 2007
      on 5/4/07 6:51, Prof_Hi_Jinx at prof_hi_jinx@... wrote:

      >Booker T. Wingfield (cornet) was born at Demopolis, AL on 20 May 1903
      >(according to shipping records when he returned to the USA from Europe with his
      >father in 1933).

      >However he was shown as aged 18 when he was enumerated at Montgomery, Alabama
      >in 1920, suggesting a birth year of 1901.

      >He is primarily known for his work in Chicago as an associate of Cow Cow

      For anyone interested there is a detailed chronology of Wingfield's career
      by Chris Smith in Names & Numbers 38 (July 2006), 19-22.

      The Demopolis birthplace is also confirmed by Swedish records, but North
      Carolina records show his birthplace as Jefferson, AL, which is about 10
      miles from Demopolis. This is probably just a "where the hell is that?", oh,
      it's near Jefferson.

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