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3974Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: When did Jazz die?

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  • Tony Standish
    Mar 20, 2007
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      Despite having the dubious distinction of once being the only one in my
      class to pass the Latin exam (51 out of 100!), all that remained were random
      bits such as "Brittania insula est" and the ability to read a union banner
      in Canada many years later that read "Nil illegitemae carborundum". Still, I
      suppose I got something out of years of studying Latin, because despite my
      success with the Dead Language, I failed most other subjects. My Big Pass in
      Latin at age fourteen just coincided with my discovery of jazz. Not just the
      stuff we listened to on the radio ("March of the Bobcats", "Well get it",
      "Song of India", "Hey ba ba re bop", "Golden Wedding") but Bunk's "One Sweet
      Letter From You" which, played on a local radio programme one Saturday
      afternoon, just exploded in my brain and set me on a course that has lasted
      over half a century.
      Tony Standish
      (Failed altar boy)
      But I agree with Robert - we're getting a bit off-topic, here!
      Anyone out there got any material on Guy Kelly?
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      > Why is Latin a dead
      >> language even if it's still taught in school? It's dead because it
      > is being
      >> artificially preserved.
      > I know this is veering dangerously close to being off-topic, but Latin
      > is not a dead language. Without some understanding of Latin, you
      > (probably) have a limited understanding of your own language. Does
      > anyone fancy extending the metaphor to the benefits that come from a
      > knowledge of earlier jazz forms?
      > Robert Greenwood
      > (who, sadly, was never taught Latin at school)
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