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3962Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: When did Jazz die?

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  • Patrice Champarou
    Mar 18, 2007
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      Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: When did Jazz die?

      > My sincere apologies for coming in on the middle of something and
      > misunderstanding. It was getting off the point of discussion, indeed; and
      > I did not mean to be too critical of anyone, just lending a thought to the
      > discussion as a way to "dive in" to things, being new.

      No problem, I think I was responsible for the sub-topic in the first place
      because some sentence by Tommer (and his subsequent explanations) seemed to
      relate his views upon the "death of jazz" to the old discussion about
      "Whites stealing from Blacks". I had a loooong reply to this, with more
      questions about what can "pure jazz" possibly be, or didn't "hot" mean
      "contemporary" some decades before it started meaning old-fashioned... but
      I'll keep this for the time being, as other aspects seem much more


      > I wonder what year the question among march music enthusiasts ("When did
      > March Music die?") first took place? (lol)

      Is the reply "every year on April 1st"? ;-)
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