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3825Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: New book: In Search of the Blues by Marybeth Hamilton

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  • Robert Dewar
    Feb 14 8:08 AM
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      One could scarcely write a more damning parody of a bio without
      maximum effort! Too funny.

      I am trying to keep an open mind on this book and author but its
      starting to get hard to do so.

      Robert JD
      > Here is some more from Caspar Llewellyn Smith's review of her book in
      > the Observer:
      > "The author spent her teenage years in San Diego and was a fan of
      > prototype punks the New York Dolls. She came to the blues through the
      > writings of critic Greil Marcus, in whose seminal Mystery Train,
      > Robert Johnson was fancifully identified as rock'n'roll's progenitor.
      > It took Hamilton 15 years to get around to listening to Johnson's
      > recordings - and he only ever did commit 29 songs to vinyl, before
      > his death at the probable age of 27 in 1938…When the author did
      > listen, she confesses: 'I heard very little, just a guitar, a keening
      > vocal and a lot of surface noise' and certainly not the tale of
      > existential anguish that others identified."

      > There's that word "seminal" again. I trust that no-one else out there
      > listening to Robert Johnson hears "just a guitar, a keening vocal and
      > a lot of surface noise"?
      > Robert.
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