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3810Martin Blumenthal - Henry Ford - Bunk Johnson - J. Lawrence Cook

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  • Mike Meddings
    Feb 8, 2007
      Hello all,

      The website has been updated with 4 items of historical interest to
      devotees of Jelly Roll Morton, Bunk Johnson and J. Lawrence Cook.

      Genealogist Peter Hanley sends a superb essay on Martin (Marty Bloom)
      Blumenthal. This accompanies Blumenthal's WWI draft registration card.

      A very rare photograph of Henry Ford (Enrique Villalpando) from the
      collection of Colleen Ford. Henry was the adopted son of John Francis
      (Jack) Ford and Anita Gonzales Ford. Courtesy of William Boyle.

      Peter Hanley sends an excellent essay on Bunk (Willie) Johnson. This
      accompanies Johnson's WWI draft registration card.

      Prof. Brian Dolan and Prof. Alan Wallace send the 9th in a series of
      superb articles written by J. Lawrence Cook for the International
      Musician magazine, dated October 1941. The article includes scans of
      hand-written music examples by Cook.

      The above items can be accessed from the grey UPDATED BOX at:


      Future articles and WWI draft registration cards will include: Ignace
      Colas, Antoine Charles Elgar, John Francis (Jack) Ford, Charles C.
      Creath, Zez Confrey, Jimmy Yancey, Warren "Baby" Dodds, George W.
      Thomas, J. Russel Robinson, Richard M. Jones, Paul Whiteman and
      Fletcher Hamilton Henderson Jr.

      Musically yours