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3647Re: [RedHotJazz] Creole Jazz Band Clarinets

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  • Howard Rye
    Nov 30, 2006
      on 30/11/06 8:07, David Brown at johnhaleysims@... wrote:

      >The new Archeophone issue raises again the old old chestnut of the clarinet
      >on the 5 October 1923 Gennett ' Zulu's Ball' session.

      >Before proceeding can anybody -- Howard ? -- state the current
      >discographical wisdom, which I assume the latest Rust.

      Rust 6 has Dodds. I would be surprised if this results from any conscious
      reconsideration. According to LW's King Oliver, Baby Dodds identified his
      brother, so did Louis Armstrong, and Lil Hardin said that if the session
      took place in Richmond, then it was Dodds.

      >My ' King Joe Oliver ' is first ed. and has Dodds on this and Noone on the
      >following four Columbias. I think Laurie Wright subsequently revised,
      >putting Noone on 'Chattanooga' on 15 October 1923 and Buster on the other
      >three on 16 October 1923.

      >If so, can anybody provide the source for this revision ?

      Noone is retained for 15 October because he said he was on one session,
      though he both confirmed and denied his presence aurally on different

      Bailey himself told Arnold Klein that he was on the 16 October session and
      had once had test pressings of them. As he had, according to Laurie, not
      previously been considered, it is unlikely this revelation was provoked and
      it therefore looks copper-bottomed if everything is as it is said to be.
      Laurie considers the claim to be aurally substantiated by his nearest work
      in date with Clarence Williams.

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