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  • Michael Rader
    Nov 8, 2006
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      While I admire Timeless for many of their releases and have stayed loyal to their Historical series despite misgivings on some transfers, they did make a mess of some booklets - the Johnny Dodds/Jimmy Blythe reissue mentioned by Howard is a case in point - the running order is completely wrong when compared with the CD and I'd still very much like to know the personnels of the Georgia Melodians which are hinted at in the notes while the discography simply copies Rust.

      I received a severe bashing on the Bixography group when I criticised the transfers for "Cradle of Love" on Timeless' Ray Miller issue. And then there's always the electronic alto saxophone on the Eddie Mitchell sides on "Those Fabulous Gennetts Volume 2", which some people might perceive as progress of sorts. The Bucktown Five restoration on the same CD is IMO a big disappointment, which means that anyone wanting decent transfers has to seek out the Italian "King Jazz" job.

      Michael Rader

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