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  • davidsager1958
    Nov 7 6:23 AM
      Hi Michael

      The samples, I think, are all representative and consistent, so I
      don't think that any one particular is better than another.

      Do, however, sample "Krooked Blues" -- Joe Oliver's blues style is so
      very evident on this one as he is rather exposed.

      Perhaps if you play a bit of the Retrieval on your computer speakers
      and then try a few samples, then you can get an idea...or perhaps
      rote your computer through your stereo system...


      RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Michael Rader <Rader.Michael@...> wrote:
      > David,
      > Could you please provide suggestions *which* tracks are best to
      sample the improvement. As I've said before, most computers don't
      provide really good listening experience and a comparison (e.g. with
      the Retrieval) would be most revealing if it were possible to go
      directly to those tracks which actually come from originals rather
      than the 1950s dubs used for the Retrieval.
      > If you've been collecting for any length of time, you grow wary of
      claims made for reissues.
      > Michael Rader
      > Karlsruhe, Germany
      > >
      > > Please explore the Archeophone site a little further and read the
      > > comments from Dan Morgenstern, George Avakian and others AND even
      > > better -- listen to the examples provided.
      > >
      > > Best
      > >
      > > David Sager
      > Viren-Scan für Ihren PC! Jetzt für jeden. Sofort, online und
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