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  • Petersen, Lars
    Oct 7, 2006
      Hello together,

      as a member of 2 germany-based (and german-speaking!!!) yahoo!-
      groups I think its common practice to introduce oneself as a new
      member of this particular group.
      My name is Lars Petersen from Freiburg in southwestern Germany, 40
      miles to Basel (Switzerland) an 15 miles to Colmar (France). I´m 42
      years old. I finished law-school at the Freiburg-University.

      I play trombone with the REDHOUSE HOT SIX, a 7 (!!!) member amateur
      Hot-Jazz-Band. It would take too long too explain the name of our

      You might check our website www.redhousehotsix.de

      We even have a history of our band in english.

      I´m very looking forward to reading interesting threads on this list
      and I apologize for my english.

      Best regards from Freiburg

      Lars Petersen
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