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3346Re: Lu Watters GTJ boxed set

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  • Robert Greenwood
    Oct 6, 2006
      David Littlefield has admirably articulated what I cannot get along
      with in the Lu Watters' YBJB (described once by Max Harrison as the
      Yerba Buena Yobs). Thanks, David. It's good to see mention on here of
      Doc Evans – a fine player. And the Bell Band were excellent. Lazy Ade
      Monsbourgh died very recently; a fact which went unreported (as far as
      I know) anywhere in the UK press who eagerly report in their obituary
      pages the demise of any jazz musician. The boxed set of LW I saw in
      Fopp consists, I think, of the various Yerba Buena JB GTJ albums/CDs.
      Fopp is a vaguely trendy-looking outlet selling mostly bargain priced
      CDs, DVDs, and paperback books for those who seek constantly to be
      entertained somewhere down the shallow end; although they do sell a
      fair number of jazz, blues, and classical music CDs.
      Robert Greenwood.
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