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  • john schott
    Oct 6, 2006
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      Chris, Excellent contribution, thanks.

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      > I'm always surprised to read or hear references that the Watters and
      > Murphy bands "recreated" or "imitated" Oliver. Watters very
      > emphatically stated in print (and to me personally) that was not the
      > point of the band. There is an interview where he clearly states "How
      > can you copy the King Oliver band?" Watters concept was to use two
      > trumpets (or cornets) partly because he liked the sound, and he wanted
      > Regarding the Watters band being "at the vanguard," this is not
      > strictly the case. They were part of an ongoing interest in early
      > jazz. Just some of the media attention at that time were articles on
      > record collecting in Esquire magazine; publication of the book


      > Cheers,
      > Chris Tyle
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