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33Re: [RedHotJazz] Le Jazz En France by Olivier Brard & Daniel Nevers

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  • Patrice Champarou
    Sep 28 8:51 AM
      > According to the web page:
      > http://www.positifs.org/jazz-passion/20-FAQs/E.Musiciensindex.htm
      > it seems to be a discography.
      > "- Olivier Brard & Daniel Nevers : Le Jazz en France / Jazz and Hot Dance
      > Music Discography, M.A.D., Paris, 1989."

      It should, although they declare that any book including a discography is
      listed under this entry. Nothing on ebay, or online shops selling
      second-hand books either. I couldn't even find any trace of the publisher
      (but you can imagine the result of a Google search for M.A.D., even on
      French websites;)
      I've asked for some friends' help on other groups (Hé, Jean-Michel, since
      you're here too, tu as une idée?)

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