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325JSP at it again

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  • Michael Rader
    Feb 17, 2005
      A new four-CD box set on the Memphis Jug Band has recently been released by JSP records, which contains three volumes of Victor recordings by the MJB plus a CD by Cannon's Jug Stompers. The box tells us that these are the sides restored by John R.T. Davies, available at long last again. Not true: the three Memphis Jug Band CDs are all out on Frog records, one of them for the first time, since JSP ran out of financial steam before they could complete the set. What is more, the transfers were not leased to Frog, but sold outright. I remember discussing this in connection with the Memphis Masters set, which contains most, if not all, of the two Memphis Blues singers CDs out on Frog and formerly on JSP, with Frog owner David French less than a month before he died.

      I wrote an e-mail to Dawn Leppard, David French's partner, who confirmed to me that she is determined to keep the label going. She says she will refer the matter to a "legal wizz" friend. She also told me that John Stedman of JSP had contacted her on David's memorial day (only a fortnight after his death) to sell off remaining stock in boxes of four. She refused, since she is going to keep Frog on the map.

      I know Stedman has been guilty of blatant piracy before, but this caps it all.

      Draw your own conclusions.

      Michael Rader
      Karlsruhe, Germany

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