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3215Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Nordskog family (was Another myth?)

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  • Howard Rye
    Sep 12, 2006
      on 12/9/06 20:14, Mordechai Litzman at folke613@... wrote:

      > Are these masters from those that Arto returned? According to GU, Nordskog
      > issued 27 doublesided records, and all the 6 Ory records were "re-issued" on
      > the Spike's brothers label Sunshine Records (i.e. their label was pasted on
      > top of the Nordskog label)

      Perhaps worth saying that this is controversial. The Spikes Brothers always
      claimed that the session was theirs, that they hired Nordskog to record and
      get it pressed for them, and that he illegitimately put his own label on the
      pressings, some of which they then converted.

      We shall never know "the truth", which I put in inverted commas because it
      may be a relative concept in this case! That the band is credited to Spikes
      on Nordskog and to Ory on Sunshine has always suggested to me that there may
      have been a genuine misunderstanding about what was meant to happen.

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