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3028RE: [RedHotJazz] Corrine Corrina by Red Nichols

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  • David Brown
    Aug 1, 2006
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      We have discussed this poser before without resolution but a trawl through
      the unindexed ' Trumpet On The Wing' produced the following :-

      ' On the date I found that Red had hired Charlie Teagarden to do the vocal
      on ' Rockin Chair' while I was supposed to play my horn. We cut a test that
      way -- and then Red and the officials on the date decided to switch us
      around and had me do the vocal with Charlie playing. It wound up with me
      getting just one note to play on that date. After 'Rockin' Chair' Red put up
      'Corrine Corrina' and told me to do the vocal. " On this side", he said " I
      don't want you to play after the vocal. Just sing and sit down." I couldn't
      stand there with just one boot on, Papa. " Man, I got to play at least one
      note," I told Red. And right after my vocal I grabbed a high C and held it
      all the way to the end--- so they took it that way.'

      Conclusive ? Not totally. There is a high held trumpet note at the end of
      the side but a long way distant from the vocal. Also the phrasing of the
      muted solo is very Wingie like, if possibly a shade too ' burlesque'. Also
      this is not wa-wa and could possibly be produced by a straight or other mute
      played into a Derby on a stand. However, I think that Wingie can most likely
      be excluded and that the soloist is either Nichols ,a good mimic with rather
      burlesque muted style or, more likely, Charlie Teagarden.

      Anybody find an example of his ---or more unlikely- --Wingie's muted style


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