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  • Robert Greenwood
    Jul 10 5:32 AM
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      Thanks, Tommers. I think this is a great article, and reckon we
      should all do what we can to contribute to the author's
      proposed "Stuffed Owl" anthology of Bixing. For those with a taste
      for this sort of thing, I would recommend Rebels & Martyrs, the show
      that is currently on at the National Gallery here in London. It
      consists of paintings (many of them unintentionally hilarious)
      depicting the artist as tortured and misunderstood genius.
      The long-treasured, but unhelpful, notion, derived from 19th century
      Romanticism, of the jazzman (or woman) as a romantic, alienated
      outsider driven to early death by an uncomprehending public and an
      indifferent society is long overdue for the dustbin of history. I
      utterly applaud Howard when he writes: "These myths can only
      ultimately demean the memory of those about whom they are told."
      I'm pleased also to read the author's defence of Tommy Rockwell.
      Jeffrey Magee, in his fine book on Fletcher Henderson, does a similar
      job for Jack Kapp, contrasting him briefly with the more "acceptable"
      figure of John Hammond, later to become the patron both of Bob Dylan
      and, I think, Joan Baez, who appears to have been universally
      disliked by the Henderson rank-and-file.
      Robert Greenwood.
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