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2834Re: Thomas,Thomas,Thomas & Thomas was Thomas Mitchell Cornets was Millard G.

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  • spacelights
    Jun 14 1:17 AM
      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, "David Brown" <johnhaleysims@...>
      > Where is some Mosiello, of whom I have never heard ?

      He was trumpeter for the Grey Gull House Band, and appears on six or
      seven (possibly more) tracks on the 'Grey Gull Rarities' CD.

      > You did not comment on the Jabbo/Big Charlie issue. Can anybody
      reveal the
      > latest wisdom in respect to the latter JRT 'manifestation' ?

      Jabbo volunteered to Richard Rains that his first session was "with
      Tommy Morris"--this is it (8-17-26), almost certainly. Intriguingly,
      in 1927 he would substitute for Miley, and in 1928 record with Waller
      (both strong Morris cohorts).

      Not sure about the latest 'Charlie Thomas' wisdom--sometimes I think
      he's an amalgam of Charlie Gaines and Thomas Morris, created through
      nebulous recollections some 40 years later (I've not heard the 'Big
      Charlie Thomas' disc on Timeless, though I'm familiar with some of
      those records).

      Musicians' recollections often prove valuable, but I'm reminded of an
      experience in a group I once played in with two singers. As we
      listened to a song we'd recorded, one of the singers' comments
      indicated she thought she had sung it, when in fact the other singer
      had. I think we'd recorded it two months earlier!

      > Ah well, the Mitchell slip is really non-musical, a confusion of my
      > obsessions, my other being Film ( Movie to you) History. Thomas
      > fine actor, most famous role in 'Gone With The Wind'.

      Also the Doctor in 'Stage Coach' ("Get me coffee. Black coffee...")
      and Uncle Billy in 'It's A Wonderful Life' (not off-topic perhaps,
      there's some jazz piano during a bar scene)...

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