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  • Howard Rye
    Jun 13 11:40 PM
      on 14/6/06 7:08, David Brown at johnhaleysims@... wrote:

      > The notes for that series suggested there was a treasure of stuff never
      > issued. The Jazz Times were also a Nevers production, a name always
      > associated with quality issues. Is he still with us ?

      As far as I know, yes.
      > Also where are the lost Swing treasures likely to be. Who owns them ?

      French EMI. Anything which remains unissued after the Jazz Time series will
      still be in their vaults if it survives.

      Contemporary test pressings could be anywhere, in the hands of the artists'
      descendants, in the Delaunay collection (Phonothèque Nationale?), in the
      hands of anyone to whom Delaunay gave copies at the time. There may even by
      some in the Panassié Collection (Discothèque Municipale de Villefrance de

      Frémeaux have drawn on some of the likely collections for their Django
      Intégrale but I don't recall much previously unissued material from Swing.
      To extract anything from EMI of course requires either a clever operative
      capable of hoodwinking the bean counters (and Daniel Nevers has done his bit
      there) or a multi-millionaire offering a leasing deal they can't refuse, and
      we seem to be a bit short of them.

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