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2832Thomas,Thomas,Thomas & Thomas was Thomas Mitchell Cornets was Millard G. Thomas / Charles Harris

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  • David Brown
    Jun 13, 2006
      John. Glad we agree. Yes, the cornet at 1:41 on 'Lazy Drag' is so Louis is
      has to be Rex.

      The cornet on the Nashvilles is stiff and faltering and just not good enough
      for Tom, especially by 1927. Also it seems to display stylistic
      characteristics inconsistent with Tom.

      Where is some Mosiello, of whom I have never heard ?

      Yes, a healthy scepticism is always necessary when approaching the
      discographies, all of which are in some way plagiaristic, feeding on
      previous works, repeating errors, even as we have seen this week with the
      Coleman Paris session, back to the 'First' discography, 'Jazz Directory'
      emanating from around 1949. We are still left with the source for Rust's
      Pinkett on these sides.

      You did not comment on the Jabbo/Big Charlie issue. Can anybody reveal the
      latest wisdom in respect to the latter JRT 'manifestation ' ?

      Ah well, the Mitchell slip is really non-musical, a confusion of my
      obsessions, my other being Film ( Movie to you) History. Thomas Mitchell,
      fine actor, most famous role in 'Gone With The Wind'. But sure, I rate '
      Little Mitch' very highly too.

      All the best


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