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2830Re: Thomas Mitchell Cornets was Millard G. Thomas / Charles Harris

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  • spacelights
    Jun 13, 2006
      Hi Dave--great breakdown of the Morris sides... I do agree with your
      identifications. Previously, "Lazy Drag" had me reversing the IDs at
      1:41 and 1:48, as Stewart is quite voracious with the wah-wah lead,
      and Morris's (I agree, wonderful) solo at first seemed
      uncharacteristic of him. He actually reverts to the style he'd used
      with the Past Jazz Masters three years earlier--interesting, as this
      was his first side as leader since then.

      With regard to the Nashville Jazzers, I've gone back and forth in my
      opinions. Listening again, I can't rule Morris out entirely. Some
      people think it's Mike Mosiello, but I don't hear anything definitive
      for or against... Since Rust states Morris firmly, I'm wondering
      about the origin of this identification (then again, Rust's entries
      for the Victor sides we've discussed seem quite inaccurate). 'Grey
      Gull Rarities' (Jazz Oracle)--an excellent collection--includes fine
      transfers of both takes, but also does not question Morris's presence.
      Destined perhaps to be one of the perennial mysteries...

      (I'm unclear as to the "Mitchell" reference at the end of your post
      and in the subject line... Have you been listening to George
      Mitchell?--another favorite!).



      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, "David Brown" <johnhaleysims@...>
      > John --and anyone else interested -- I have listened intensively to
      the 3
      > Morris sides ( + 1 alt ) of 13 July 1926. Considering also the work
      of Rex
      > on the 14 May 1926 Dixie Stompers and especially ' Jackass Blues',
      and his
      > claim, I now think he is the second cornettist, who is certainly a Louis
      > influenced stylist. My breakdown of the cornet work is as follows.
      > LAZY DRAG
      > Tom straight lead into Rex wa-wa solo with Tom picking up the lead
      > immediately afterwards. Rex --very Louis ---unmistakably picks up
      the lead
      > at about 1:41 and carries it till a superb open Tom solo from about
      > Rex leads out from about 2:30.
      > JACKASS BLUES ( A take although the alt. seems similar)
      > Rex lead into Tom wa-wa solo with a Rex 'whinny' at about 0:15. Rex
      picks up
      > the lead from about 0:30.The final lead is Tom.
      > Rex lead till about 0:44 when you hear him drop out to pick up the
      mute for
      > the first wa-wa solo. Rex, again very Louis, has the lead from 1:41 till
      > Tom's wa-wa solo at about 2:08. Rex has the lead out from about 2:40.
      > This is my best opinion but I am open to other suggestions as it is
      > tight with Rex, I think, deliberately underplaying in places. The
      clue is in
      > the phrasing, Rex even in mute, post Louis. Also more vehement
      wa-wa. Also
      > Tom is a much more delicate and plaintive wa-wa player, more
      > more vocal.
      > The second cornet on the subsequent 16 August 1926 session is much
      easier to
      > pick and on a more cursory listen sounds to me, notwithstanding my
      > admiration for JRT and 'Big Charlie Thomas' to be Jabbo, albeit in less
      > abrasive, pushy and keening mode than his later Louis covers.
      > Listening around Mitchell I find a supposed presence on a Nashville
      > 'St.Louis Blues' c 1927 for Van Dyke. No way do I hear him on this.
      > Anybody --Howard--details on this ?
      > Dave
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