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2620RE: [RedHotJazz] Sidney Arodin

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  • David Brown
    May 9, 2006
      ' As Sidney explained the circumstances, Hoagy had come into the Famous Door
      on 52nd Street in New York to hear Wingy Mannone's band in which Arodin
      occupied the clarinet chair. They played the tune and Wingy sang it but, of
      course, it wasn't yet called ' Up A Lazy River'. The title and words were
      Arodin's too. He called it 'Just A Lazy Nigger'. Of course, in our time,
      such a title would be an atrocity. Even then it was in pretty bad
      taste --but Arodin didn't have a scintilla of prejudice in him. He had, in
      fact, been a party to the first mixed record session in the South.' (
      Jones -Collins)

      Al Rose ' I Remember Jazz' Louisiana State University Press 1987.

      Conclusive ? All evidence --except the memories of Collins &
      Robichaux --( or the information they were given at the time or their
      pre-conceptions ) and a Prima aside --is that Arodin was white. Relevant
      here, Michael's scholarly post indicating that 'Creole' was not necessarily
      a term for mulatto but could also cover European descent from French and/or

      Does it matter ? Well certainly more than the exact year of his birth but
      only, I suggest, in indicating yet again the multi-racial base of N.O.
      Jazz. If we cannot stylistically tell if he was white or Creole it does
      somewhat undermine an argument for Afro-American precedence.

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