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2552RE: [RedHotJazz] New Orleans

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  • David Brown
    May 3, 2006

      I am as sceptical as you of Morton as Historian but, considering the mass of
      other evidence, have no reason to doubt him in this case.


      I do not doubt that there was syncopated ragtime based music being played
      throughout the USA in the early years of the last century -- by whites,
      blacks and mulattos. But I have no evidence to revise my believe in N.O. as
      'birthplace' of Jazz for the very reason of its unique multi-cultural
      position which I previously outlined. List the number of great jazz
      musicians in the first --or first and a half-- generation who came from St.
      Louis, Baltimore, Chicago or New York or anywhere other than New Orleans. I
      also think it better to retain the initial thread title as long as possible.
      This one is now split three ways, confusing as we are still discussing the
      same substance.


      Like your analysis of Creole definition and cannot disagree but add the
      Spanish 'tinge' either direct or via West Indies. I agree that these
      definitions are no way mutually exclusive but I think the 'Afro' the
      weakest. This is certainly so if we consider how the Creoles defined
      themselves, their aspirations were to be European, not American and
      certainly not African.The same book I quoted 'Mister Jelly Lord' contains an
      ' Interlude' including an interview with the 'first' jazz clarinettist Big
      Eye Louis Nelson Delisle, whose tragedy was that he was very black and had
      trouble being accepted as Creole and whose racial ambiguity is evident in
      the alternative surnames. In a way this racism is worse than the blatant
      segregationist obscenities which I would actually think were more
      responsible for the Creoles having to join the black local then their
      musical or social inclinations.


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